2 December 2019 - Stafford, U.K.

Zero waste evening workshops living a Plastic free life

1-Wax Wrap- demonstration of how to make & take home a wrap

2- Making chemical free cleaning - take a surface cleaner

3- Crochet a loofa - make & take home a loofa

4- Paint a glass soap dish recycled glass bottle bar / jar

5- Make a face oil or beard oil with essential oils 

6- Vegan chocolate Making 

In small groups you visit each workshop in rotation, you take home a wax wrap, a surface spray, body loofa, soap dish, face/ beard oil and chocolate!

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Zero waste evening workshops living a Plastic free life
Zero waste evening workshops living a Plastic free life

4 December 2019 - London, U.K.

SUSTAIN Engagement Event & Workshop - The Royal Society London

SUSTAIN - is an ambitious collaborative research project led by the National Steel Innovation Centre at Swansea University.

The SUSTAIN Project, launched in April 2019 is a multi-university, multi-disciplinary project sponsored by EPSRC, Welsh Government and the UK Steel Industry. The ambition of the SUSTAIN project is to ensure a sustainable, carbon neutral future for the UK's most CO2 intensive industry and its supply chain, through recycling and sharing energy and resources far more effectively.

The UK Steel Industry is entering an exciting new phase of its turbulent history; one in which research and innovation will play a vital role in delivering sustainable and successful businesses.

SUSTAIN’s engagement event is creating a platform to enable additional institutions and industrial partners to join the project and apply for £1M funding through the Research Expansion Hub.

We hope you will join us and find out how you can be involved.

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SUSTAIN Engagement Event & Workshop.
SUSTAIN Engagement Event & Workshop.

4 December 2019 - Huddersfield, U.K.

Our Waste : Community Partnerships in Action; Towards a Circular Economy.

Community partnership in action on recycling and waste minimisation in Kirklees (am ) and towards a circular economy on waste (pm)

Waste is one of the biggest barriers to the whole notion of sustainability. We need to change the way we think about waste in the future. This event has something for everyone concerned about the issues involved in Kirklees.

In the morning, members of the community and not for profit sector are invited to attend a series of presentations and workshops highlighting local examples of proactive waste minimisation, recycling, and circular economic innovation. Join us to stimulate plans, ideas and partnerships and help provide solutions to the future of waste in Kirklees.

After a networking lunch, the afternoon session will have a more commercial theme outlining the National Waste Strategy and the implications for Kirklees. Here the focus will be on exploring the ways in which businesses can facilitate movement towards a local circular economy to refine production, reduce waste and increase employment in ways that benefit everyone in Kirklees.

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